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Company Overview

ViSonic Systems’ mission as a Systems Integrator is to bring together today’s technologies to design and fulfill our Client’s media and control systems needs in the most efficient, cost effective, and energy saving ways possible. Our team of professionals can take your project from concept/design through functional reality. ViSonic Systems is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the stream of emerging technologies to implement their systems goals.

Design / Engineering

Starting with a client consultation and project analysis, our team of professionals will develop an audio, video and control solution that integrates all of the sounds, visuals, system controls, lighting, structural and aesthetic objectives the project entails.

Project Management and System Delivery is performed on a nationwide basis with our network of qualified systems integrators.
Project Management

Every step of the Systems Installation will be under the oversight of an experienced project coordinator.  Project management will include close collaboration with not only the client but also the general contractor, electrician, furniture providers, etc, as required to insure a smooth, timely installation.

Project Management and System Delivery is performed on a nationwide basis with our network of qualified systems integrators.


ViSonic Systems is State Certified in the fields of AV Systems, Structured Cabling, Data, and related areas. Our experience with the permitting burdens and requirements at various levels of government and local jurisdiction make us well qualified to ensure a smooth inspection process in the existing and new construction environments.

 Installation Team

ViSonic Systems’ technicians are field experienced, industry trained systems installers well equipped and qualified to ensure a professional installation. The job is not complete until the installation and its components are fully tested and verified.


ViSonic System’s programmers can develop a touch panel control system which is user friendly and intuitive. Whether the device is a wall keypad, traditional touch screen, or a tablet such as the IPad, you will have the control of the audio visual system whether it is video conferencing or a conference room projection system. You may also have precision control of shades, lighting or thermostats to manage not just functionality but also energy savings.

 System Support & Maintenance:

     On-Site Field Service

System field service varies from troubleshooting and projector lamp changes to re-programming a control, lighting or shading system, and upgrading equipment. Whether the installation was originally performed by ViSonic Systems or if you just need to have your existing system serviced….your request for service or a service call quotation is welcomed.

     Maintenance Programs

Various maintenance programs are available by ViSonic Systems to provide ongoing support for your AV, Lighting, or Shading System to make sure that unnecessary down time is prevented.